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Ambassador - Quincy Collins - Triathlete Team USA

Quincy Collins

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J.P. :  I Highly recommend this Product! As a father of three and working over 40 hours a week  this product gives me Energy, Focus and helps with the Stress!  

C.H. :  I'm a bodybuilder in my 40's,  be™ preworkout  gives me clean energy and endurance for my workouts!  Love it! 

E.R.  I use the  be™ Protein Energy Meal before and after my soccer games.  Great source of protein, easy on the digestive system and fuels my games.  I do recommend it, thumbs up! 

E.S. : I've purchased several bottles of this now, and I absolutely love it! 

D.S.  :   Fantastic Product that I would absolutely recommend to anyone! I first tried this pre-Workout before a gym session after a long tiring day and I couldn't be more pleased with the effects.  I took 3 tablets and was energized, but more importantly it was a clean and enduring energy that pushed me through my workout and the rest of my day.   

E.M. : I can feel the difference in energy since using the product! pushed me through my workout and the rest of my day.   

S.L. :  I just take one of   be™  pre-workout tablets in the morning before going to work and it keeps me calm and energized all day.

D.R.  I work in Construction and this product gives me energy all day!  

R.H. :  Finally!   A product I can Feel a difference! 

P.B. :  With a stressful and very demanding  career, the  be™ Protein energy meal gets me through the day, I highly recommend it.

K.G.  I'm Super active with work, hiking, working out, cycling.  I've bought several bottles and I love this stuff!!

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The World's First Prana Supplement!

Protein Energy Meals + Pre- and Post- Workout Tablets!


The goal of Roots of Wisdom is to provide a foundation in leading a mindful life and achieving mind body happiness. The products are a combination of Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and the latest modern nutraceutical science, which allows one to reach a healthy state of balance.

For Every Roots of Wisdom Product Purchased, a Child in Need is Fed

We work with the nonprofit Feeding Children Everywhere. For every Roots of Wisdom product purchased, a child in need is fed.

Please learn more about Feeding Children Everywhere and consider getting involved yourself!






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What is Prana?

There are certain Herbs that harbor concentrated amounts of Universal energy we call Prana (Chi in Chinese medicine).

The key to sound health is keeping the five pranas moving properly throughout the body!

Reduce Stress, Feel Fit, and Optimize Exercise!

March 30, 2018

If you want to decrease stress while giving your body the best chance at success for your exercise and healthy living lifestyle, try Roots of Wisdom products today.

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March 28, 2018

We now have all of our products in-stock, including our logo t-shirts for the “be” products and for our Roots of Wisdom brand.

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March 16, 2018

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