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About Us

About Us:

We Address the Root Cause for Pain, Stress, & Low Energy. Our Products are made with Unique Formulations combining Ayurvedic Herbalism and the latest clinically studied ingredients. They have a dual function of being designed for an active lifestyle user, while simultaneously creating homeostasis within the body, therefore addressing deeper physiologic issues.

Roots of Wisdom Goals:

The goal of Roots of Wisdom is to provide a foundation in leading a mindful life and achieving mind body happiness by creating easy to use products that enhance the everyday lives of people, all awhile creating a balance and cellular homeostasis that is much needed to make oneself healthy.

Our Difference:


-We stand out from the rest, driven by innovation.
- The products are a combination of Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and the latest modern nutraceutical science.
-Each product has multiple functions, designed for active lifestyle while simultaneously creating homeostasis and balance in the body.
-First to develop, a holistic mind body approach in formulas, not just dealing with symptoms.
- We Address the Root Cause!

Science Based

The Choice of ingredients is the most critical part in making products. Unlike others, our Ingredients are researched and tested to ensure effectiveness.

Superior Ingredients:


Laboratory Tested

Our raw materials undergo multiple lab tests:

Identity, Heavy Metals, Microbiological
Our CurcuWise™ Curcumin is Quality tested with Radio Carbon dating to ensure it's a Natural Material and not Synthetic.

Our Promise - All Roots of Wisdom Products are:

Always 100% plant based full of vital Prana Force.
Always Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly
Always Gluten Free
Always Non-GMO
Always free of artificial ingredients and preservatives

Founder bio

Chirag Patel
Occupation: Founder of Roots of Wisdom, Former Health Food store owner of 15 years.
Education: Degree in Microbiology, University of Florida Class of 2000.
Likes: Yoga, meditation, weight training, & skateboarding. A lifelong vegetarian and advocate of Sattvic living
Family: Wife and three children.


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