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OLD About us

About Us

“Roots of Wisdom uses Yogic Alchemy and Ayurvedic energetics as its source of inspiration.

Our difference is Prana Force Activation. Designed for active individuals consciously looking to improve mind body performance”

Roots of Wisdom

The goal of Roots of Wisdom is to provide a foundation in leading a mindful life and achieving mind body happiness. The products are a combination of Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and the latest modern nutraceutical science, which allows one to reach a healthy state of balance.

Our Difference

The Roots of Wisdom difference is PranaForce Activation through its synergistic herbal formulations, which increase and facilitate the flow of Pranic Vital Force (Chi in Chinese medicine, the primal life force, the subtle energy and guiding intelligence behind all mind body functions). This which leads to greater mind body awareness. We call the use of this ancient technology "Prana Force Wisdom."

According to ancient and modern Vedic scholars, certain plants and herbs contain and help to stimulate the flow of Prana, which is necessary for increasing positive health & rejuvenation of mind & body. Prana can aid in living a life full of enthusiasm, vigor and stamina, while simultaneously promoting relaxation.

The study of Prana is a deeper level of Ayurvedic study. According to Ayurveda, a healthy person displays balance through their flexibility to adjust to change. Total health = Balancing mind + Body + Spirit.

Ayurveda is the oldest health care system, dating back 5,000 years, and the most complete form of naturopathic medicine dealing with mind body and spirit. Roots of Wisdom uses Yogic Alchemy and Ayurvedic energetics as its source of inspiration and the products are designed for active individuals consciously looking to improve mind body performance.


Our Promise - All Roots of Wisdom Products are:

  • Always 100% plant based full of vital Prana Force.
  • Always Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly
  • Always Gluten Free
  • Always Non-Gmo
  • Always free of artificial ingredients and preservatives

Founder bio

chiragpatel photo

"Sports supplements should be health building and have anti-aging benefits"

Chirag Patel

Occupation: Founder of Roots of Wisdom, health food store owner

Education: Degree in Microbiology, University of Florida Class of 2000.

Likes: Yoga, meditation, weight training, skateboarding, and playing basketball. A lifelong vegetarian and advocate of Sattvic living

Family:  Wife and three children.

I have owned a Health Food Store for 14 years, I am a supplement junkie, and I am a self-proclaimed anti-aging guru. For 20 years of my life I have taken tons of supplements, along with 4-5 times a week of weight training, daily yoga and meditation. I’m constantly on the go, working, achieving, and playing. As many of you are, I had issues with stress, lack of energy, and adrenal fatigue - all due to my long hours working at the store and having a super active lifestyle. I have tried just about every supplement at my health food store, to basically become super human! I wanted to feel GOOD, reduce stress, and have energy.

I have been called by some “a modern-day yogi," due to my lifestyle choices and the want to ever increase my time spent in meditation. It was for this reason that I became a practitioner of Hatha yoga, which strengthens the body to bear the lengthy time of daily meditation. I needed a mind-body energizer before my challenging workouts and yoga classes. Turning 40 years old, I wanted something healthy that suited my lifestyle and there was nothing 100% plant-based and also full of prana as a pre-workout on the market. So, I began making my own concoctions of herbal formulas, based on the Ayurvedic knowledge I had acquired from the American Institute of Vedic Studies. I tested the formulas before every yoga class, every run, every time I went to the gym, and this began a long process of trial and error.

My herbal mix had the integral component that built inner core energy, it was rich in Prana. I believe sports supplements should be health building and have anti-aging benefits, this is how I came up with BE™ (Becoming Enlightened) a year later.  This formula BE™ just made me feel GOOD, for a very long time.  I couldn’t explain it, I had energy - not the jittery kind - and I felt stress free. I just felt like going out and doing something. So, I had decided that people needed to feel the way I felt and that’s when Roots of Wisdom was born.

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